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Emma, a 6-year-old girl, gets up one morning and discovers that a sheep has escaped from her dreams and is jumping on her bed. Emma and the sheep become great friends and spend the days playing, while they ignore that everything around them is changing since the day the sheep arrived. Emma will have to discover the way to find the planet where the sheep lives and where the dreams occur, to try to get everything back to normal.


Musical short film
8:40 Minutes
2D Animation
Target:  kids and family


Children Film Festival

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02 Nov 2019

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The Team

Who made it possible

Producer and Direction Assistant: Daniela Giraldo

Advisory Members: 

Gabriel Vieira, Claudia Bautista, Juan Medina, Mari Escobar

Special thanks to: 

Proimágenes Colombia, Casa Teatro El Poblado, Colegio de música de Medellín, Tita Maya, Jacobo Jaramillo.

Produced by:




With the support of:

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Soundtrack recording:

Orquesta Filarmónica de Medellín

Orchestra conductor: Gonzalo Ospina

Piano: Víctor Castro

Guitar: Lorenzo Aguilar 

Emma`s voice: Raquel Bernal

Sheep`s voice: Julieth Restrepo

Singing voices: Mariana Restrepo, Juanita Cuevas, Saray Castrillón,

Lulú Vieira

Recording and mix:

Juan Diego Galvis - El Alto Estudio

Recording assistant:

Mariana Restrepo, Sara Rodas


Audio postproduction:

Enhanced Media

Foley artist and final mix: Quinn Cooper

Foley recording: Ricky England

Sound effects edition: Hall Cantrell

Animation director and storyboard artist: Víctor García

Animation and edition:

Mauricio Gaviria


Animation and Layout:

Julián Palacio



Andrés Villamil


Postproduction and VFX:

Juan David Ortiz - Santiago Navarro


Graphic Desing:

Laura Pérez


Production Assistant:

Alejandra Cataño


Web design:

Alejandra Vieira



Juan Pablo Ochoa


Making of camera:

Andrés Arboleda

DSC_0238 copia_edited_edited.jpg

Script Writer & Director

Lulú Vieira

Sebastian Zuleta_edited_edited.jpg

Music Composer

Sebastián Zuleta

Captura de pantalla 2019-10-17 a las 7.5

Amalia Restrepo

Art Director & Illustrator

Contact Us

Medellin, Colombia. 

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